Whispering Doors


As you walk down the hall the murmur gradually turns into clamor and finally to real uproar. A sweaty wave envelops you as you push open the heavy double-leaf door. You sweep your gaze across the vast room, but you already know where you are … The games room !

Upcoming : Josselin VAUDOUR & Thomas VERGUET - UNITED SOULS, the Boneless

NAME : UNITED SOULS, the boneless

TYPE: collaborative miniature board game
AGE: 14 to 107 years old
PLAYERS: 2 to 3 players

In the world beyond, the terrifying Ivar the Boneless seeks to impose his tyranny on the peaceful people nearby. Embody the hero and companion of each village, collaborate with your neighbors and send Ivar back to the realm of the dead.


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